The following testimonial was printed in the Baldwinsville Messenger, by Richard Palmer:

Air Conditioning- a ‘God-send’ this summer

We’ve lived in our house for nearly 22 years and during all of that time we had, at the most, maybe a week or two of sporadic hot weather where temperatures were in the 90s. We thought we could survive without the expense.

But all of that seems to be changing. So my wife, daughter and I know all about “global warming.” I can’t recollect when we’ve had a streak of hot weather in which daytime temperatures ranged in the upper 80s and 90s for such a long period of time. It’s almost like we live in the Carolinas.

One day, we decided we’d had it with coming home to a sauna every night, so a week ago we finally had air conditioning installed. And now we wonder how we ever survived without it.

Usually, I don’t promote businesses in my column, but I have to credit where it is due-this case the Baldwinsville-based Hill’s Heating and Air Conditioning. When we started shopping around, several contractors said they couldn’t get to it for a month or so. Also, they advised, it would take three separate contractors to do the job-a carpenter, an electrician and an installer. Trying to get three separate contractors lined up alone would be next to impossible-especially this time of year.

But Hill’s did everything. They even went out of their way for us and sent a crew out on overtime on a Saturday to accommodate us. What’s more, we live 35 miles from Baldwinsville.

If that’s not service, I don’t know what is. But that’s the way businesses are in Baldwinsville. They know their business, act promptly and professionally, and do the job right the first time. And add to that they show up when they say they will. I would say this is an excellent reason to patronize our local businesses.

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