HiLL’s Approved Products

At Hill’s we research all manufacturers of residential heating, air conditioning and ventilating equipment and accessories. The manufacturers that we list as Hills Approved Products offer the best products in the industry in a wide variety of price ranges.

Hill’s Approved Products are chosen from manufacturers that have proven to provide the best equipment quality, dependability and highest level of customer service.

Hill’s Approved Products come with at least a 5 year parts and labor warranty. (residential one or two family)

If the products you buy from Hill’s are Hill’s Approved Products, you can be sure they are the best available. They come with more standard features and better warranties than those offered by other companies.

All Hills Furnaces, Boilers, Air Conditioning, Mini Splits, & Unico Systems come with a Hills Security Blanket




The Hill’s Security Blanket covers all repair labor, service calls, mileage & your next annual equipment service. Our database keeps track of all work performed on your system, allowing us to verify all necessary service & maintenance has been done according to the manufacturers specifications. Parts are covered to the extent of the manufacturers warranty