Hill’s Approved Home Standby Generators

Snow 2During your power outage will your home be cold and dimly lit
with no heat, refrigerator, sump pump, TV or internet to get the local
news updates or power to run medical equipment.

Or will it be warm, well lit and safe with a Generac Standby Power Generator from Hills Heating.


Snow1Hills Standby Power Generators Since 1972
In the 1970’s Hills installed maintained and serviced generators in specialty applications
including business and industry. The generator manufacturers had not yet come up with a cost effective way to transfer the power from the Utility to the Standby Generator making installations in residential applications to expensive and impractical.

In the 1980’s Hills designed, engineered and installed Standby Power Generators and emergency lighting systems for the Dey Brothers Department Stores. Working with a local electronics manufacturer Hills was able to design and have made specialty controls that easily transferred the power when the generator was started.

The Standby Power Generator industry has come a long way since then.
Becoming more reliable, cost effective and user friendly today’s generators start and shut down automatically, have settings that will start and exercise the generator once per week, have on board diagnostics for easy trouble shooting and remote monitoring via; your smart phone. The Generac Standby Power Generator is the perfect addition to
your home.


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